Monday, 1 April 2013

The Magnificent Six

I have been volunteering with Street Child and decided to run the Sierra Leone Marathon in May to raise money for them. I know my friends and they know me, so to raise the money the charity deserves I realised that they wouldn't just sponsor me for running a marathon, even if it is in 31C and 90% humidity; I've run plenty of marathons before, so I was going to have to do something special to get their attention. 

I had my London marathon place guaranteed and having never started from the Championship start, I wanted to experience the atmosphere. I was invited to be at pacer at the Brighton Marathon and then recieved an email about the Dirty Weekend and my challenges were set:

The Challenges

1) Pacemake the Brighton marathon in under 3.15 (with no tapering) – top 7% of marathon runners.
2) Run the London marathon a week later and be winning the entire race at the 400 meter point – will take some positioning and going flat out to catch Mo Farah, he’ll be averaging 71 seconds per 400 and I’ll be starting downfield.
3) Finish the London marathon in a good for age time of sub 3.10 (with no tapering) – top 5% of marathon runners. Brighton and the 400m sprint start could easily scupper this.
4) Top ten in the world’s largest assault course 3 weeks later (20 miles and 200 obstacles) - harder than a marathon.
5) Podium at the Sierra Leone marathon - two weeks later.
6) Finish the Sierra Leone marathon 2.50-3hrs – average temperature 31C (88F ) - top 1-3% marathon runners.

I'm not sure if I'll achieve all of those, but they're all potentially possible and hopefully worth sponsorship

I'll update my blog as I attempt every challenge, any advice is more than welcome.

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